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Sending ACKs from Destinations

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  • Sending ACKs from Destinations

    I have a channel named "IO Channel" with 2 destinations: "Outpatient Channel" and "Inpatient Channel". Each channel has a custom response.

    Each destination in the "IO Channel" has a filter which determines what messages should be passed to that destination.

    What I would like to do is have the "IO Channel" return the ACK from the "Outpatient Channel" or "Inpatient Channel" rather than send it's own. It appears my "IO Channel" "Response from: " options are none, "Outpatient Channel", "Inpatient Channel", or any variables I've declared.

    My guess is that I should use a variable to make this happen but I'm not sure how to set the variable with the appropriate channel's ACK.

    Anyone got any ideas?