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  • Create a web service listener

    Hi everyone,

    Before of all I have to say that I'm newbie on mirth connect and in this community so thanks in advance for your help and glad to be here!

    I have the next issue and I haven't seen any post related that get me light over it.

    I must setup a web service listener in order to accept HL7 messages from a provider, encapsulated in XML, and parse in HL7 to my application.

    The transformer side is not a problem, (from XML to HL7) my problem is with the web service listener. I have the WSDL schema of the service but I don't have any idea to build a web service listener from it. I tried to construct it with the help of this example without any luck:

    So, the question is, there are any way to construct a web service listener from a WSDL file? If not, there are some "how to" to construct it?


    Toni del Fresno

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    Its just as the link suggests:

    You need to compile the java code and put it into a jar file. Copy that file to the Mirth custom-lib directory and restart mirth.

    Once that is completed you can then reference the custom webservice via a listener. Replace the default name of the service class name with your new method.

    If you do not need a custom webservice, then use the default that Mirth provides.

    The listener will construct the WSDL for you on the fly. You only create webservice clients from wsdl's, not servers/listeners.

    Take note of the port as it will be needed in the client call to your new webservice.