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HL7 transaction modification

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  • HL7 transaction modification

    Is there an easy way to only send message builder fields that are created, and blank out all other segments?

    Source transaction has MSH, EVN, PID, PD1, PV1, PV2, GT1, IN1, and IN2 segments.

    In the Outgoing transaction I only want the MSH, EVN, PID, and PV1 segments.

    Same question applies to the fields inside each segment.

    Source transaction has msg['MSH']['MSH.6']['MSH.6.1'] valued, but the receiving system doesn't use it, so I don't want to send it in the outgoing transaction.

    I created a few Message Builders in the Destination Transformer, but am trying to avoid creating a Message Builder for every field in every segment.

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    Re:HL7 transaction modification

    I have a channel that also does HL7 to HL7 and the PatientID on the incoming message is listed as the external PatientID number but the system it is sent to expects our PatientID on the internal PatientID element.

    It would be great to know how to iterate through the nodes regardless of the segment and either manipulate them or delete them.


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      Re:HL7 transaction modification

      You don't need to use the message builder for this. You can use javascript to loop through your segments, delete segments and blank out fields. If you look through the forums and the File Repository you can find samples.