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Trouble adding Column Names property for Delimited Text Data Type

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  • Trouble adding Column Names property for Delimited Text Data Type

    I'm having trouble editing the data type properties for Delimited Text:

    I want to add the following column names, but cannot get this to save in the properties

     "Record Type","Person ID","Employee Number","Title","Last Name","First Name","Maiden Name","Gender","Date of Birth","National Insurance Number","Hire Date","Termination Date","Current Employee Status Flag","Employee Address 1","Employee Address 2","Employee Addres Town","Employee Address County","Employee Address Postcode","Employee Address Country","Personal e-Mail","Home Telephone Number","Home Fax Telephone Number","Mobile Telephone Number","Office e-Mail","Pager Telephone Number","Work Telephone Number","WTR Opt Out","Applicant Number","Current Applicant Status Flag","Employee Address 3"
    Any ideas?

    I also tried using underscore, but this did not work either:

    I'm using version 3.0.3

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    Tried again without the quotes, but with underscores and this has worked.


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      Remember that those column names will be used as the XML node names for each individual column. As such, the names need to be valid XML node names. If you have the Java console enabled on the client, you'll see this:

      ERROR 2014-07-21 08:38:10,217 [AWT-EventQueue-2] com.mirth.connect.plugins.datatypes.delimited.DelimitedSerializationProperties: Invalid column name: Record Type (must be a combination of letters, digits, periods, dashes, underscores and colons that begins with a letter, underscore or colon)
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