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writing messages to a file daily

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  • writing messages to a file daily

    I have a live hl7 feed coming into my mirth box from a neighboring hospital, currently I am writing each of these files to a folder individually. What I want to do is concatenate each days files into one large file. I see where I can append to a file but is there a way append to a different file daily?

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    Re:writing messages to a file daily

    Maybe you could use this :

    In your channel, create a new destination with this type : channel writer ; then just send the raw data message to this channel.

    For your new channel :
    - Source : channel reader with hl7 message type
    - Destination 1 : a file writer with the append to file option to yes
    * choose your directory
    * in the file name, put the date or formated date of your choice ex :
    like ${DATE}.log or a timestamp : ${SYSTIME}
    * in the template area, just put like this :
    -----------------------------${DATE}/*to separate every part*/
    Maybe it could be a flexible solution.

    Bye Antaris


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      Re:writing messages to a file daily

      Thank Antaris, this does exactly what I asked. Now, is there a way to export this file from the PICO automagically.


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        Re:writing messages to a file daily

        I also wanted to capture the raw messages to a file and set up the channel as described. It does write to the file, but have two issues:
        1. each message gets into a file of its own as the DATE variable has the time also in it.
        2. the message that got saved have only the OBR abd OBX segments see the example below...

        -----------------------------17-10-08_21-16-44.01/*to separate every part*/
        OBR||^|000006036294|MHM4691004 ^MRI, BRAIN W/O CONT W/DIFF |51347988^1^M10|
        |||200810172044|||MSPK|||||^^^ |T2658^XXXXXXX, XXXXXX ||||||200810172116|||||1^^^^^R^^ROUTINE||||D436^AC UTE BUT ILL-DEFINED CEREB
        OBX|1|TX|MHM1004GDT|| ||||||P|02^xxxxxx,xxxxxx |