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Trigger alerts on channel connection status change

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  • Trigger alerts on channel connection status change

    Hello all!

    After exploring the alerting system of Mirth I found that the current functionality does not cover one of our use cases.

    We have a channel receiving an ADT HL7 stream via MLLP where the sending system normaly stays connected with the channel.

    It should be possible to trigger an alert not only on errors within this channel but also on connection status changes. This would be to send an alert when a mllp connection changes from state "connected" to "waiting" while receiving an HL7 ADT stream.

    Or even better: The alert should be sent when the state "waiting" stays for more then a configurable number of minutes. This will allow tolerance for short network and service outages.

    I've created an enhancement JIRA issue for this:

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    Re:Trigger alerts on channel connection status change

    I am also wanting to setup an alert if the channel is in the waiting status for a certain amount of time. Has anyone developed such an alert? - Thanks!