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Sending ORM^O01 HL7 messages to DCM4CHE

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  • Sending ORM^O01 HL7 messages to DCM4CHE


    I've done a channel with Mirth that gets data from a database, then builds an HL7 ORM O01 message and then sends it to the DCM4CHEE via a TCP sender. From the Mirh point of view all works all right, but when i check the DCM4CHEE Worklist Console there is nothing. From the Mirth I can see the message, and when i copy it to a file and i send it with the hl7snd.jar all works all right, and the item appears in the Worklist.

    So the message is correct, and i suppose that the communication is failing. Days ago i successfully send one message from Mirth to Dcm4che and it worked, but now it's not working, I thing I'm in the same conditions that that day.

    In Mirth I can adjust some properties, but I don' now what to put.

    Has anybody used Mirth to send to DCM4CHEE?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Re:Sending ORM^O01 HL7 messages to DCM4CHE

    OK, I've the answer, it has to be done with LLP Sender, not with TCP sender.