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JMS Writer channel - ObjectMessage help

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  • JMS Writer channel - ObjectMessage help

    I am using Mirth Version
    I have created a JMS Writer channel to send the messages to a queue in ActiveMQ. On the other end, I have my application (Spring based) as the consumer to the queue. I am able to receive the HL7 message in the application as a java.jms.TextMessage and read its contents.

    I would like to configure my JMS Writer channel to send an ObjectMessage instead of the TextMessage. Is it best to do that in javascript? I can create a concrete instance of ObjectMessage and use javascript to populate values.

    1. Is that the correct approach?
    2. Is there a better place to write the javascript to populate values than in the Filter?
    3. Once I have the ObjectMessage, how do I tell my channel to send it as the message?

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    - Jose Mathews

    MainPoint Systems
    2434 Main St,
    Santa Monica, CA - 90405

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    Re:JMS Writer channel - ObjectMessage help

    Does anybody had any success in producing a javax.jms.ObjectMessage object from Mirth. I have been spending the last few days trying to figure this out, but no success.

    I have been able to tell Mirth channel to send over rawData/transformedData and even the message object. But NO success with being able to send over a custom dto object wrapped in javax.jms.ObjectMessage.

    Any insight in this area is highly appreciated.

    - jose mathews


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      Re:JMS Writer channel - ObjectMessage help

      Did you ever figure this out? I am currently investigating Mirth as a potential solution on my project, and the Java content available here seems to be a bit light. My client uses eGate to send HL7 messages via LLP. I have run a few LLP input tests, and this aspect of Mirth seems to work. I am wondering how to output from Mirth to a JMS message driven bean using JBossAS.