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  • real world application examples?

    i'm trying to evaluate mirth for potential use in a project i'm working on. for the record, i have very limited hl7 experience, but many years of java and javascript experience.

    my main question: is there any documentation or examples of mirth that goes beyond simple single channel examples that shows how mirth might be used in a real world deployment? case study?

    we have a need to connect to multiple different end points. it seems from what i've read so far, that each provider or application would need to be setup with a separate llp listener on different ports. what about for supporting multiple different message types on a single listener? i'm not sure of a specific example, but basically i might have an application to talk to that needs to send message A, B and C and handle them differently (maybe right them to different database tables or something and generate responses). could these all occur over one llp listener/channel or would each message type need to be its own llp listener/channel.

    my guess is that this could be done in the filter with javascript that decides which destination to use for different types of messages. is this correct?