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    By looking at this thread, it looks like Mirth version 2.x doesn't support JAVA 8. While link "" tells that Mirth 2.2.3 is supported by JAVA 8. I am little confused here. As we are using Mirth connect 2.1, and considering to upgrade JAVA version from 6 to 8, just curious as JAVA 8 will be supported by Mirth 2.x with Mirth 2.x listed as exception site?

    Thanks in advance..


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      The main issue is the security levels on Java 8. If you want to connect to any site, the security level has to be set at medium. Anything higher and you have to add the IP to trusted sites. Java 8 security levels are only high and super high. Therefore, you have to add every Mirth site that you have to the trusted site list. We don't upgrade because we have 140+ sites and we would have to add everyone to the list.


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        Of the 2.x versions, only 2.2.3 officially supports Java 8 because we want to strongly encourage users to update to the newer versions (3.x).

        Users that want to use Java 8 for older versions of 2.x will have to do their own testing to ensure everything they need is working correctly.
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