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    I need to route ADT message from an ancillary system to EMR,
    My EMR receives the message on a TCP port and send the Application ACK using another socket.
    For this reason I draw 2 Channels, one sends the message to EMR and the second receive the application ACK.

    My goal is redirect the application ACK received in the second channel to the first channel, so the ancillary system can receive the ACK related to the original message.

    How Can I do this with Mirth?

    Channela A (it receive a message from the ancillary system and it route to EMR) LLP

    LLP Listener--->Destination LLP sender

    Channel B (it receive the application ACK from EMR and it must redirect to Channel A)

    Thank you

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    Re:ACK Response

    Wow, this is an interesting issue. Does the socket connection need to stay open from Channel A? You could store a reference to the receiverSocket from Channel A in the globalMap (use the message id as a key). On Channel B, you can get the ACK, lookup the message id from the globalMap and talk directly to the receiverSocket you stored in the globalMap to send the ACK back.
    Chris Lang