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replacing hl7 fields from database

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  • replacing hl7 fields from database

    I have a channel which reads in an HL7 file (missing key PID info).

    It then polls the database and adds the information then kicks out the modified HL7 file. This is working flawlessly.

    However, if it can't find the record, it just processes the file (making no changes) and sends it across the channel.

    Is there a way to force an error on a record which returns zero rows from the transformer (via javascript I expect) so that it will not move across?


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    Re:replacing hl7 fields from database

    Inside Filter, check if the database call returns any value. If no record found, return false else true. This should "skip" the message. But if you would like to log the error message, you could use try / catch block. Refer JS sample:

    JavaScript Error (try/catch/finally)
    Hope it helps!

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