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  • Training in Spain


    I've just discovered that you offered a trainning session in Barcelona:

    Are you planning to repeat it?

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    Hi Alberto,

    We have considered it, but it will depend on demand. If anyone else would be interested in attending a training in Spain, please post a response in this thread. If there is enough demand we will certainly try to accommodate.


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      To add to what Brian said, we host two European-based trainings per year. As demand rises for training, there is the possibility of adding a third session for 2012. Currently, all we have scheduled for 2012 is London in March. However, it is likely that the other later session (or sessions) will be in another European city, and will depend somewhat on where the demand is. If you are a European-based Mirth user who is interested in training, please let us know where you would like to see the training hosted (either by posting in this thread, as Brian said, or by contacting our sales team).

      Please note that all European trainings, regardless of location, will be presented in English-only.


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        I would also be interested in attending a Mirth course in Barcelona. I work for Roche and there would be a few people interested in attending.


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          I would love to attend training in Spain but I don't think my company would cover it.


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            I would be pleased to attend to that training session in Barcelona.