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SqlServer - large transaction log files being created

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  • SqlServer - large transaction log files being created

    We're running into a problem where our Mirth database is growing very rapidly, and using up all the space on our server.

    We're getting roughly 100K transactions a day.

    As we look at it, it seems to be the transaction log is group much faster than our backup is erasing the committed transactions.
    On my channels, I have message pruning set to run once an hour for messages over 5 days old.
    I don't keep the filtered messages.

    Any suggestions on where to look to see where the transactions are coming from?
    Where does Mirth use transactions (Is it on all SQL statements)? (I do have a few database writer destinations.)

    My DBA doesn't want me to connect Profiler to a production database, so can't use that to see what's coming across.

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    I would not run pruning once an hour as you don't want pruning jobs to run constantly. Pruning once a day is probably the best option (when message load is low). Turn on batch pruning if it is not already on.
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      I had batch pruning, block size=0 on.
      I've changed it to Daily, so we'll see how that affects things.