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  • Getting Started with Mirth!


    I am new to Mirth but not HL7 message exchange. My goal is to pull info from a SQL db and send it outbound through Mirth, as well as receive message inbound through Mirth and import to the SQL db.

    Can Mirth pull information directly out of the database for you, or import it? How should the messages reach mirth channels, would it require an application sending the message or another interface gateway? It appears that the data that reaches Mirth already must be HL7 formatted, is this correct?

    A representation of what I want to accomplish would be:

    Hospital <-> Mirth <-> SQL Database <- Application

    Obviously the message coming from the hospital would be in HL7 format, but what comes from my application would not be. Messages would most likely originate from my application so I need to understand what Mirth can do in terms of HL7 formatting.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
    P.S. - I watched the webinars but still foggy on impelementation details.

    Thank you,

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    Hi DevDude,
    I think you have to focus your attention on Database Reader and LLP Listener source connectors and Database Writer and LLP Sender destination Connectors. Then, you have to make confidence with the logic of data transformation between one type to another (for example Database->HL7) inside a transformers.
    Then, the number of channels you need depends on various factors, as all the actors tou have to integrate and in which way. The LLP listener at source opens a port to reach HL7 messages coming from an external actor. in the same way, database source connectore executes the defined query and pulls data from a database. Inside a transformer, source data is automatically transformed to XML in order to be able to manage it. For HL7 conversion, mirth uses the HL7api library, so each message is fully XML-converted.
    I think that one you have understood these basic concepts and taken confidence with the above objects you will be able to implement your first integration Gateway.



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      Thanks for the advice! After reveiwing more documentation and researching across the web, I believe I am coming to a more sound definition of how I am going to accomplish flow of data between systems.

      I was wondering if anyone had a sample channel that used in conjunction with a SQL Db?

      I have created a couple of channels to familiarize myself with the capabilities of Mirth. I think the part I'm trying to wrap my head around right now is the message templates in transforms. I need something to build from because I am more of a visual learner.

      Thank you


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        Here is the often referenced link to the Mirth wiki that seems to match your situation.


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          Joequinn that is exactly what I had been looking to review. Thank you!


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            I am new to Mirth. First I am learning on how to create channels and how to write scripts for Channels. I installed Mirth Server and it is working. I am looking for some sample HL7 channel scripts and procedure on how to test them on my machine.
            Any help would be appreciated.



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              Originally posted by usmurthy View Post
              I am looking for some sample HL7 channel scripts and procedure on how to test them on my machine.
              Any help would be appreciated.

              There are channels in the repository.