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Mirth at HIC 2006

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  • Mirth at HIC 2006

    Hi folks

    Just thought you'd be interested to hear that at the recent Health Informatics Conference ( held in Sydney, Australia Mirth played a important role in Healthsolve's success at the HIC interoperability demonstration.

    The interoperability demonstration brought together approximately 20 healthcare systems vendors in a variety of scenarios to prove the capacity of different healthcare systems to work together. Our interface solution was built up using Mirth and some custom Ruby code and worked flawlessly throughout the demonstration. For myself and the other coder who worked on the interface - both relative newbies to HL7 - Mirth proved to be an absolute treat.

    We're very happy with how well Mirth performed and intend making it the cornerstone of our HL7 interface for current and planned applications. We're also looking forward to contributing to this project.

    Thanks to the Mirth and HAPI teams. Well done.

    Tom Tuddenham

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    Re: Mirth at HIC 2006


    Excellent! We're glad to hear that Mirth is working well in your solution. Tell us more about what Healthsolve does, we love to hear about the variety of applications Mirth is being used in.

    Also check out 1.1, we've added an API for the specific purpose of being embedded in third-party applications.


    Chris Lang


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      Re: Mirth at HIC 2006

      Hey Chris

      Healthsolve ( develops care management tools for acute, aged and community care.

      During the interoperability demonstration we used Mirth receive notifications of patient admissions and to respond requests for care planning activities. Mirth was integrated with our application suite either through direction connection to its database (for admission data) or through our web service interface.

      I'll be happy to keep you informed as we continue to build up our Mirth-based solution.