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    Hello All,
    My name is Jack and new to the community. My company is in the development stage, we are planning to use Mirth and Layer 7 Secure Span Gateways in 18 segments for a world wide distribution.
    This is a new project for the US Government and the protocol is HL7.
    What I am looking at is this:
    We have a number of new contract employees that are pushing WebSphere Express as an alternative to Mirth.
    I prefer Mirth as it is very much in line with HL7 and works well with my XML GW's. It appears to be a an ideal match.
    Not sure that WebSphere is such a good idea and looks as if it requires a Transformation Engine to properly handle HL7 data.
    Any comments and or arguments that I can utilize against the move to WebSpehere would be greatly appreciated.


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      Migration to Mirth

      Hi all,

      we are a 1000+ bed hospital in Saxony, Germany and are migrating our current communication server e*Gate that manages the communication between 19 application systems step by step to mirth.

      At this time there is a channel collecting HCM-messages from SAP and a transformer that transforms them into HL7-ADT-messages and delivers them to subsystems. Furthermore we are routing MDM, ORU and ORM messages between our major administration and clinical documentation system and subsystems like the PACS and so on.


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        We are a small we-based, specialty EMR company and we have used Mirth for the past year and a half primarily to integrate with Practice Management Systems. Mirth makes it easy and inexpensive to maintain the interfaces needed to support these operations. Specifically, being able to use and monitor a variety of message transports, as well as the ability to easily create/update channels is a very compelling combination for our needs.


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          How are you using Mirth

          We have a pretty good open source solution.
          We are using betterFORMS opensource XForms with Apache XML database eXist for new patients to fill out their medical history online. We are then able to import it into any gov't certified EMR as structured data via HL7 CCD. For the patients who would rather not have medical data online they fill out a pdf form we then transform that into XML and use Mirth to help us get it into shape and were back were we started and able to import the data into the EMR.
          Thanks again for all your help



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            how can I use mirth connect receive dicom data from dicom device

            Who can help me?
            I have a problem when I use mirth connect to receive dicom data and data structure ,because dicom device need to port 104 on the host that I have already installed mirth connect.
            What should I do?
            Can any other way to deal with this problem?


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              Mirth Appliance

              Is anyone out there using the Mirth Appliance? If so,what kind of luck are you having with it?


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                It is working very well for us.


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                  New to mirth

                  Hello all!

                  I am a new Mirth Connect user and i have to say, without even launching I am amazed with its simplicity, ease of use, and scalability. I work in telerad and will be using Mirth Connect to integrate my own RIS system with our current PACS. I am excited to start this project, and look forward to communicating with you guys.

                  My background:
                  Javascript, aJax, jQuery
                  Linux (RHEL)


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                    Article in Portuguese about Mirth

                    I've written an article that is available only in portuguese where I describe how we've implemented nationwide a solution using Mirth Connect to send all prescriptions to almost 500 databases, using HL7v2 messages.
                    The article is on the 3rd edition of the magazine eSaude, page 43:

                    If it is of interest I'll try to write an abstract in english just to show some numbers.



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                      Its very nice, I just using mirth software in my job - programmist ;-)


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                        i'm using it for a year now, and it has been AWESOME
                        thanks Mirth!

                        greetings from Colombia, South America


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                          We have been using Mirth Connect for almost a year now. The first project was to generate billing data from internal system databases into HL7 format to send to a third-party billing partner. We're also sending customers patient specific data in XML format from other databases and are in the process of using it to handle processing internal messages from our applications in the form of an ESB.

                          I also recently attended the Mirth Training and Certification course in California. I would highly recommend it, even if you have used the software for a while.


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                            Great work guys... it help me a lot. I come here after my friends suggestion. I find all things what i want.. thanks again.
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                              In Hospital UKM

                              Originally posted by tintinn View Post
                              hi chris,

                              Great work you guys are doing. In Hospital UKM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1060 bed hospital, we are currently evaluating Mirth, together with Messaging Workbench & Message Maker. So far it has been promising. We will let you know if we're going to use it for production.

                              Great work you guys are doing. In Hospital UKM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1060 bed hospital, we are currently evaluating Mirth, together with Messaging Workbench & Message Maker.
                              So far it has been promising. We will let you know if we're going to use it for production.
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                                I use mirth mainly in my job as a programmer.