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    We are slowly converting our interfaces one at a time from our current interface engine to MIRTH. We found that Mirth does everything our current engine and more, plus it does it faster and runs on more recent OS releases. Here's a comparison:
    Has DICOM send/receive
    Will run on Windows 2008
    Will run with virus checker on
    Fast Monitor
    Fast Builder
    Good Alert System

    Current Engine
    No DICOM send/receive
    Won't run on Windows 2008
    Won't run with virus checker on
    slow Monitor
    slow Builder
    poor Alert System

    I'm sure we will find more good things about Mirth. You guys have done a dynamite job developing a robust, fast, and high-quality interface engine. Thank you for all your hard work!
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      we are currently converting our ADT interfaces to Mirth.


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        300+ bed hospital in North Carolina
        We haven't started using Mirth for HL7 purposes yet. I use Mirth to process a daily ascii file drop to a db and create a Excel2003 format xml spreadsheet from custom javascript transformers (would love some help making that better with some sort of openxml plugin and/or including compression to make a msexcel2007 format). Also use Mirth to read a database and create and email a custom html report (using FOR XML command on a MSSQL2005 db)


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          Using mirth for ad-hoc file conversion from HL7 and X.12 to fixed length files and delimited files. Much easier than writing a program everytime!



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            Evaluation of Mirth for my Employer

            Originally posted by chrisl View Post
            We'd love to hear how Mirth is working out for everyone...did it save your company money, help make HL7 easier to understand, save the world? Let us know!
            I am a consultant to a leading national lab company. I am a developer of ADT Demographics interfaces in my role here. I have had an easy time figuring out how to set up and configure Mirth for an HL7 ADT interface without much technical assistance or documentation. There is one exception. I am having trouble calling a Stored Procedure in MS SQL server. I am doing an informal eval and do not have access to any technical documentation. I am using the Mirth forum to resolve this issue. If I am able to succeed at calling the SPROC then I am hoping to save my company lots of money with Mirth as the ADT engine platform for our clients.


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              We currently use an interface engine that charges for licenses by the thread (connection) as well as yearly support for each. There is also no way of working with a database unless you buy an additional module. I am looking at Mirth as a way to augment my current engine and allow me to have more flexability in passing data back and forth directly with a database. I am still very new in my evaluation.


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                Well I am using Mirth with a LLP listener receiving HL7v2 message...


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                  We are using it to message between a hospital HL7 system and a SQL database. Version 2.0.1 has worked quite well. There is a bit of a learning curve especially if you are new to HL7.


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                    How we use Mirth

                    We are using Mirth for Development of Healthcare Meaningful Use data which will be delivered in HL7 at our client sites.


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                      Would love to hear more about the ADT and ORU work.

                      Originally posted by jerchap View Post
                      Currently evaluating in a test environment to migrate hl7 specific integration from BizTalk. We could potentially be using it for ADT, ORU, etc across our health region and possibly for integration across health regions.

                      The configuration of channels and hl7 manipulation is much easier than biztalk, ...
                      I am starting to evaluate mirth for the same things. Would love to know more about what you are doing and what problems you might be running into. Perhaps we can share some channel development efforts.


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                        We use Mirth to connect medical devices via HL7 to Hospital Information Systems. So save the output of these devices into the electronic patient dossiers. Already two installation with Doppler device established. Several to follow.

                        With Mirth Connect we are also able to process the PDF output of these devices.

                        For more info (sorry in dutch only)
                        We are planning to implement DICOM also.
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                        X Connections


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                          One way we are using Mirth is to send emails out to field staff informing them of newly added facilities to our database so they can report to clients concerning progress of application to your system.

                          Once a day a channel looks at our database and sees if there has been any newly created facilities during the day. If there are then an email is sent to specific staff members which contains information about the facility. This channel was developed per user request and has been very helpful.


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                            Supporting Health Information Exchanges

                            We are a start-up company using Mirth products to support health information exchanges in sharing patient data between hospitals, clinics, health plans, labs, government entities, and others. Our technical team is staffed by HITECH graduates from industries impacted by the economic downturn and trained in HL7, Mirth Connect, HIPAA, Scrum, etc.!

                            Our experience is that we had great success in rapidly building, testing, and reusing components to reduce the amount of time and consequently the cost of interface development. Thank you to those who contribute solutions to the forum as we are grateful for the opportunity to learn through your experience!


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                              dear friends,

                              thank you very much for giving us such a great tool!

                              the Evangelische Stiftung Tannenhof in Remscheid is a psychiatric hospital. we use mirth for several interface jobs e. g.
                              - forking inpatient-data(HL7) to several subsystems(HL7)
                              - outpatient data(DB) to lab(HL7)
                              - lab results(HL7) to outpatient system(LDT)
                              - ECG results(GDT and PDF) to HIS(DB)
                              - personnel accounting data(column oriented txt) to financial accounting system(even worse format)

                              actually we are doing a data-transfer job from our financial accounting system(csv) to SAP(SAP-format)

                              all this wouldn't be possible without mirth!

                              thanks a lot!



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                                About 2 years ago we upgraded our Meditech Magic HIS to Meditech Client Server 6.0 platform. During this time we implemented a interface engine and it was decided that we would use Mirth Connect.

                                We use Mirth Connect to send data in and out of Medtiech from outside vendor applications and have yet to find something that Mirth Connect can't do. I have over 80 channels deployed.

                                Here is a sample of some of our interfaces:

                                PACS - DR Systems
                                EKG System - GE Muse
                                CPACS - Syngo -
                                Pyxis MM
                                Pyxis Pharm
                                Outside transcription - Medquist
                                Outside Labs - ARUP & Esoterix
                                Internal ADT database
                                Internal RAD Orders database

                                BTW - Mirth Connect Training and Mirth Support has been money well spent for us. Great instructor and the turnaround time on submitted support tickets have greatly exceeded my expectations.

                                Next up for us - Mirth Match