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Has anyone tried to use Mirth as MWL Server?

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  • Has anyone tried to use Mirth as MWL Server?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried to implement Mirth as a modality worklist server. I see an option for a channel to be used as DICOM listener ---> and i can retrieve data for MWL directly from a database or an XML feed, but i am not sure if the intent was for the listener to serve ad MWL server.. Because i am not seeing anywhere in the application where you can configure / maintain your list of modalities / AE titles and their configuration (mappings).. Just wanted to check... Is this functionality part of a future roadmap?

    Thank you in advance..

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    Hi rembleton,

    the answer is yes, it's planned for future versions this capability, but I don't know where it will be released. Maybe Mirth guys could help us! ;-)

    Ricard Bernat


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      Thank you for a quick reply!!