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  • Mirth Connect UK contact

    Hi, I wish to look into the purchase of the HTTPS Manager extension for Mirth Connect.
    We are a UK based company that has used Mirth with a number of our applications in the UK.

    However the only NextGen contact details given in this forum and online are for the US.
    We can't submit the form with the US link because it won't accept English phone numbers or English State details.

    Can someone provide the details of how to contact NextGen Mirth Connect from the UK?

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    That plugin comes with the core extension pack. I don’t think it is sold on its own. When I need their sales team I usually reach them through their slack channel. Oddly their sales lead form on their website results in no response. I did slack one of their team members sending a link to you post.
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    Mirth 3.8.0 / PostgreSQL 11 / Ubuntu 18.04
    Diridium Technologies, Inc.