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Why are channel names so short & restrictive?

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  • Why are channel names so short & restrictive?

    More than a few times, including today, I've run into situations where the limitations on allowed characters and maximum length with regard to channel names has been really frustrating and kept me from organizing/naming channels in a way that's efficient and useful for ongoing management.

    I can envision some reasons why special chars might not be allowable, although really I think there would be pretty easy ways to still allow those (at least things like brackets and parentheses).

    But what has always baffled me is why the names of the channels are limited to such a low size as 40 characters? When you're dealing with hundreds of channels spanning different message types and environments, that really starts to get restrictive in how you can differentiate channels in a meaningful way.

    I know there's been a feature request submitted about this years ago (admittedly with not many votes or comments). I'm just really curious to know what the background is behind the character and size limitation for this field and if there's some reason it hasn't (or can't) been loosened over the years.

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    I believe the characters issue is because of the special characters for Java/Javascript.

    I worked for a hospital group that had 200 hospitals on Mirth. I never even new that there was a size limit. And if we didn't run into the issue, I doubt many others have. With that being said, the reason that Mirth has people vote on issues, is to have make the changes that will benefit the most customers.