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    I created two code templates Library as follows.
    1. DB Library
    2. HL7 ADT V25 Library

    1. DB Library - Using for below data base operations.
    1.1 getDBConnnection - create connection object
    1.2 executeSelect - executing select query
    1.2 executeInsertOrUpdate - Performing insert update operations.

    2. HL7 ADT V25 Library - For ADT segments creation (set and get method).
    2.1 setPID - Select records from database and make object for constructing PID segment..
    2.2 getPID - Constructing PID segment.

    All the methods provided in the attached file.

    The transformation script channel is provided below.
    var dBConn = getDBConnnection($('dBProfile')); -- getting connection.
    //script for setup object
    var inPutPID = setPID(dBConn, hL7ADT.inPutPV1.mr_no, triggerEventID);
    //getting hl7 PID segment
    var pID = <PID/>;
    var inputDataPID = $('hL7ADT').inPutPID
    pID = getPID(inputDataPID);

    Mirth version using is

    I can access code template "executeSelect" (created in Library - DB Library)
    from setPID(Library - HL7 ADT V25 Library).

    Its working in my development environment.

    My aim is for all the ADT's i am creating separate channels and i need to reuse all the set , get and db code templates for constructing all ADT messages.

    My questions are below. Please help me.
    1. The process I am following is correct?
    2. Is it possible to call one code template created in Library 1 from another code template created in another code library. Is working in my dev setup. Please help me on this.
    3. Writing js for constructing hl7 message is right?
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    You posted this in support as well. Maybe keep a single thread.
    Mirth 3.8.0 / PostgreSQL 11 / Ubuntu 18.04
    Diridium Technologies, Inc.