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EDI X12 to FHIR using Mirth connect

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  • pacmano
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  • monica
    started a topic EDI X12 to FHIR using Mirth connect

    EDI X12 to FHIR using Mirth connect


    I am new to EDI and also Mirth. I am trying to transform the EDI x12 message to FHIR format but couldn't achieve it.

    I am trying to keep the inbound as EDI X12 and outbound as FHIR and using channel reader and channel writer as the source and destination.

    Can anyone help me with creating the channel for converting EDI X12 to FHIR format?

    Attached is the EDI sample message which I am trying to send. Highly appreciated it if anyone could post the sample EDI message too. I can take it as a reference and try it.

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