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    Introducing NextGen Health Data Hub

    To make it easier to obtain relevant patient information from a massive amount of healthcare data, NextGen Healthcare introduces a new information management platform—NextGen Health Data Hub. This platform aggregates data from multiple sources and organizes it into a clinical summary based on each individual patient.

    In development for more than two years, NextGen Health Data Hub:
    • Allows technology leaders, physicians, office staff, and other members of the healthcare team to search and view individual patient data
    • Serves various types of healthcare organizations that need to connect their communities and exchange clinical data
    • Provides a single source of truth across disparate data sources

    NextGen Health Data Hub provides essential capabilities in an era of data-driven healthcare—support for a wide variety of data sources, the ability to search by patient or clinical parameters, greater data fidelity, and improved usability.

    Obtain meaningful, data-based insights

    Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare team members need the full picture of patient medical history to make the best possible clinical decisions. Patients increasingly expect their care teams to have this complete picture. However, the necessary data can reside in any number of disparate EHR systems—ambulatory, inpatient, or post-acute care.

    NextGen Health Data Hub provides easy access to aggregated data organized by patient. It offers the clinical content management, connectivity, data access, front-end display, security, and access permission features you need for a complete view of patient health

    By helping the healthcare team obtain meaningful, data-based insights, NextGen Health Data Hub can help improve quality of life and even save lives. Timely access to information is, after all, at the core of effective patient management and population health management.

    Take advantage of key features

    NextGen Health Data Hub serves as a central hub for your health IT system, allowing connections to a variety of networks—Carequality, eHealth Exchange, Direct Messaging, and more. It is built to support your long-term scalability, stability, performance, and data storage needs.

    Key features of NextGen Health Data Hub:
    • Supports clinical data types used by ambulatory and in-patient systems
    • Offers industry-leading connectivity powered by NextGen:registered: Connect Integration Engine
    • Enables full-system configuration and data access with an API-first approach
    • Features a user-accessible, front-end display of patient data
    • Provides secure patient data management for access and sharing
    • Leverages Amazon Web Services to deliver a cloud-based solution

    Other features include an integrated enterprise master patient index (EMPI) that links patients to the right data, the use of industry-standard interoperability protocols, and built-in configurability, allowing you to manage your own data and customize your views.

    Learn how you can benefit

    NextGen Health Data Hub is designed to the meet the needs of a variety of organizations, as listed below. Note that you do not need to use NextGen:registered: Enterprise EHR to use NextGen Health Data Hub.

    Public HIEs
    • Community-supported statewide or regional nonprofit entities
    • HIEs that serve diverse constituents such as hospitals, ambulatory, labs, payers, and more

    Private data aggregators
    • Hospital, ACO, or payer-led networks
    • Organizations with a heterogenous health IT mix, but focused on delivering value for a primary owner

    Provider groups
    • Independent physician groups
    • Healthcare systems that utilize more than one EHR solution
    • Large ambulatory practices that need to link EHRs from a variety of vendors and organizations
    • Practices developing data aggregation use cases
    • Practices looking for a community-centric patient view
    • Single-specialty, consolidated practices that administer care across regions and geographic areas
    • Organizations in acquisition mode

    Prepare to transition

    NextGen Healthcare clients currently using NextGen Results CDR (formerly Mirth:registered: Results) should plan to transition to NextGen Health Data Hub. Your NextGen Healthcare account manager can assist with establishing a timeline.

    NextGen Health Data Hub is not an upgrade, but a completely new platform—designed to be faster, more reliable, and to assist you in achieving long-term success.

    Learn more

    The official release date for NextGen Health Data Hub is December 17, 2018. For more information, including details on pricing and implementation, speak with your NextGen Healthcare account manager or sales executive. You can also call 855-510-6398 or email [email protected]

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