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  • Mirth Connect User Group Updates

    ▪ Working on a location for the User Group Meeting and have identified 3 possible academic settings that would be appropriate. It is looking like Spring ’19 for the User Group meeting, once the location is identified we will provide the dates.
    ▪ Hope to soon have the website completed and will have links to various activities from the group. (Need volunteers to assist.)
    ▪ In discussions with the WorldVista group about forming some affiliations and was welcomed into that OSS community. (Check out their website:
    ▪ Communications:
    ⁃ There is now a Google Group called Mirth Connect User Group that you can join with one click. As you join the group, I will make general announcements that will go out to your email address:!fo...ect-user-group
    ⁃ We are new on Twitter, requesting some follows: @mcusergroup
    ▪ Request topics and presenters for the User Group meeting, please join the Google Group and get those over to us so that we can start working on the agenda.
    *Mirth is a Trademark of Nextgen Healthcare. The Mirth Connect User Group supports the Mirth Connect Open Source Project under MPL 1.1 and is in no way affiliated with or supported by Nextgen Healthcare. Mirth Connect is released under a proprietary license by Nextgen Healthcare and the Open Source Project Mirth Connect is released and licensed under the terms of MPL 1.1. *