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store messages and reprocess in good order (FIFO)

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  • store messages and reprocess in good order (FIFO)

    dear all
    I would like to know if it is possible to receive messages in mirth, store them for one or two months , and then reprocess them in the same order they arrived?
    It will be for HL7-ADT A40 fusion messages.
    I could receive and store them in a windows directory, but how be sure they will be processed in the same order that when they arrived?
    Or push them to a closed channel, and 1 or 2 months later, open this cannel. Same question, would the order of arrival be respected? (FIFO) and which parameter can be use for that?
    MIRTH 3.7.1 - SQL Server Standard Enterprise - windows server 2016

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    I’d store them to a database table where you can use a created_at column (on insert) to persist message order. Obviously you need to not use source processing threads.
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      Thanks pacmano.
      What do you mean by "you need to not use source processing threads" ?


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        Mouse over that field in the admin tool. If you use more than one message order is not guaranteed. That may or may not matter in your use case.
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          do you mean that the parameters for a channel in the source part must be :
          process batch : no
          max processing threads : 1


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            Your messages may have a date or field in them that defines order of course but I was referring to source queue threads in particular.

            What is the use case hear? I haven’t heard of a system that needs to delay messages for months.
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