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Using Mirth Connect for BI

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  • Using Mirth Connect for BI

    Hello guys,

    Currently we are using Mirth at multi-institution level to integrate our solutions and clinics.

    We want to create a separated DB for our BI (we donĀ“t want to query in prod database), So basically, to replicate our data in a new DB, we will create new destinations for our channels (problably inserting data directly to our BI database). Someone could give me a feedback how this would influence our performance? I mean, creating a new destination in our multiple channels would influence our regular operation performance?

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    since Mirth is open source... make that third destination just another mirth engine, and then have that one do all the slower db work. If you are doing database inserts/updates for every message, yeah, it'll impact your production engine - supposing you have a lot of traffic. So.. just have another mirth do it, have that second mirth engine handle the queuing, etc, and make sure that the first one just fires and forgets. Then you'll have zero impact, and all the freedom you need.