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Mirth Connect 3.2.1 Released!

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  • Mirth Connect 3.2.1 Released!

    Mirth Connect 3.2.1 is now available as an appliance update and on our downloads page.

    As of Mirth Connect 3.2, Java 7 or higher is now required.

    Some key features and benefits of 3.2 include:
    • Improved JavaScript Editor – One of our most highly requested features arrives with code completion, code folding, auto indent & bracket matching, multi-line tab & commenting, improved find & replace, customizable hotkeys, and more!
    • Custom Library Improvements – Manage custom libraries and assign them to individual channel or connector scripts. No server restarts required!
    • Destination Queue – Re-run the filter and transformer on each queue send attempt and more.
    • Attachment Improvements – Include attachments in exported and archived messages. When importing, attachments will be imported along with the message.
    • Data Pruner & Archiver – Improvements to performance and memory usage.

    A brand new extension for platinum customers is now available on the customer portal!
    • Mirth Results Connector – New destination connector for managing Mirth Results resources and endpoints.

    Download | See What's New | Upgrade Guide | Release Notes

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    upgrading JAVA

    I've searched the forum, but can't seem to find a definitive answer. I am running Java 1.6 (I know) and Mirth Connect 3.1.1. I want to upgrade Java, but can it be done on the fly or will I need to reinstall Mirth Connect?
    I appreciate any responses, thanks


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      You don't need to reinstall MC, but you will need to restart it.
      Step 1: JAVA CACHE...DID YOU CLEAR ...wait, ding dong the witch is dead?

      Nicholas Rupley
      Work: 949-237-6069
      Always include what Mirth Connect version you're working with. Also include (if applicable) the code you're using and full stacktraces for errors (use CODE tags). Posting your entire channel is helpful as well; make sure to scrub any PHI/passwords first.

      - How do I foo?
      - You just bar.


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        Ok, thanks!


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          If the Script tab now shows the number of scripts it contains, it would be nice to show where those scripts are exactly in the Script drop-down. I.e., if my script is Postprocessor, but I do not remember that, I have to go through all of them to find out. This is pretty minor but convenient update.


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            download_link is not working at my end