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Advanced Clustering & Database Replication Beta Program

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  • Advanced Clustering & Database Replication Beta Program

    We are now accepting requests to participate in a beta program to try out the upcoming Advanced Clustering plugin as well as the upcoming Mirth Appliance database replication feature. In order to participate, please contact the help desk and let us know that you would like to try out one or both of these new features. The beta program will begin in January 2015.

    The Advanced Clustering plugin is available to platinum customers only and if you are a platinum customer you have the option of trying out the plugin with or without a Mirth Appliance. Without a Mirth Appliance, you must be running Mirth Connect 3.1.1 or greater along with an external, shared database.

    The Mirth Appliance database replication feature is available to customers at any subscription level and requires two or more non-production appliances to participate. Feedback and bug reports are encouraged and will not count against support incidents. Also, there will be no guaranteed upgrade path from the beta version of the plugin or the appliance features.

    Some key features and benefits of the Advanced Clustering plugin include:

    Automatic message recovery
    • When one server fails, another server will automatically resume processing any incomplete or queued messages without any user intervention required.

    Easier management of active/active clusters
    • Channels can be deployed/undeployed, started/stopped across the entire cluster with one click in the Dashboard.
    • Additional servers can be added to the cluster on the fly to improve overall performance of the cluster and as well as availability.
    • One server in the cluster can be designated to execute poll operations for polling channels.
    • One server in the cluster can be designated to execute the Data Pruner at it’s scheduled time or when manually triggered.

    Dashboard enhancements
    • A new combo-box in the Dashboard allows to view channel statistics for any server in the cluster or aggregate statistics across all servers in the cluster.
    • Cluster Status tab - view a list of all servers in the cluster along with the current status of each. (see attached screenshot)
    • Cluster Task History tab - view a list of tasks that have executed among servers in the cluster and any errors that have occurred. (see attached screenshot)

    Advantages of the Mirth Appliance database replication feature include:
    • When the primary appliance goes offline, all message data is accessible on the backup appliance.
    • The Message Browser displays messages processed by any server in the cluster, not just the server the Administrator is connected to.
    • Other data such as code templates, alerts, users are also shared across all servers in the cluster.
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    We're registered for the beta now. Any idea of ETA? I'm conscious we are nearing the end of January and we've still not had a reach out from Mirth yet. We're really eager to get this tested in our environment if possible as it will plug into our roadmap for the product.



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      Thanks for sharing such information. I like that keep it up


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        The Advanced Clustering plugin has now been officially released, see this thread.