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Channels using crossed web services

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  • Channels using crossed web services

    Hi all,

    somebody could post here two channels using web services?. I need to interact with one of them but I don't know how!. Basically, I don't know how to configure all parameters and I don't have any kind of documentation nor experience.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Ricard Bernat

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    Re:Channels using crossed web services

    Getting_Started_with_Mirth.doc (114176 bytes) Getting_Started_with_Mirth.doc (114176 bytes) Hi Ricard,

    Even I am new to this Mirth Interface Engine but yes I have some basic configuration knowledge, hope this would help you.

    You could actually download few channels from Mirth website itself but you should register first before you download and its free registration adn download.

    Go to to Mirth Website - Click on File Repository-- Click on Channels--Pick any one of them -- Click Download -- Save that file on your hardisk. (Note:- Its always better to read the deatils of the Channel that you download before you get that on your disk so that you can get fair idea on it).

    Open Mirth Application--Click on Channels on left hand side -- then click import channel.

    You could actually download these doc's again from the same website from Documents tab.

    Hope I answered your question. See the attached doc's



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      Re:Channels using crossed web services

      Hi Kishore,

      thanks for your information. Nowadays I'm an active user of this very good product, but I'm not "very good" with web services. Last week I was reviewing documentation available in mirth website about webservices without success. I visited file repository too with same results, no information available. As a registered user, I executed few searches on forum section....same results, no way!. At this point, as you can imagine, I decided to sent my first message requesting help about webservices but, until now with no success.

      Anyway, thanks for your help!.

      Ricard Bernat