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  • HL7 message parsing

    I have been evaluating Mirth for my development team and I can see that it has the functionality that we need. The only issue I see is that it seems that we would either, a) have Mirth enter data directly into our database, bypassing our business logic or b) have Mirth send an XML file to our software where we would have to parse the message.

    Is there an API that I can use, preferably using C#, that would allow me to use Mirth's parser from within my own code?

    For example, using Chameleon from Interfaceware I can create a mapping file and Chameleon will create stub functions based on that mapping file. Then using the Chameleon HL7 engine all I have to do is pass in an HL7 message to a Parse function and it will parse the message for me and call the proper stub function. Does Mirth allow anything like that?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re:HL7 message parsing

    Mirth is based on Java, not C#. If you have an outside application and business logic in a Java program, you can simply call methods and classes from any javascript code in Mirth. This could be a preprocessor, filter, transformer, etc. There are many examples of calling java classes from Mirth on this forum.

    Since it sounds like your business logic is in a C# application you will either have to look into how to call a C# program from Java/JavaScript, or you will have to send to your application as an interim step in Mirth. If I understand your situation correctly, you could simply have Mirth receive your message, parse it/transform it, send it over to your application that contains your business logic (perhaps via a web service), then send the message to your final destination.
    Jacob Brauer
    Director, Software Development
    NextGen Healthcare



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      Re:HL7 message parsing

      Thank you for the quick response. I will pass this information along.


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        around this problem , i am developed my project in C#.
        and in next part i want to integrate with one HIS system for receiving patient demography.
        i want to use mirth connect for hl7 messaging. but i dont know how to use mirth in
        visual studio to map hl7 message data to in mysql database.
        please help me?


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          Re:HL7 message parsing

          If parsing is the only thing you are interested in, you might want to take a look at nhapi. It is a .NET version of the HAPI HL7 framework.
          I have used it in various projects.


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            Issues regarding Nhapi affiliation with the HL7 organization

            The NHapi project is NOT affiliated with the HL7 organization,as quoted in the above mentioned site. Their software just conforms to the HL7 2.x specifications, But you have mentioned that you have used it in several projects .Haven't you faced any problems w.r.t to affiliation with the HL7 organization?