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  • Reading message contents from other channels

    Ok - to make it short - we are stuck on Silver package (nothing I can do) and because of that have no access to advanced alerting. What I am trying to do - is create a separate channel to scan through rest of the channels and send alert emails upon certain conditions. One of those that I struggle with - we have a feed where we need to check on daily basis if we have received messages for certain tests - if not - we need to contact corresponding department and ask them to restart the server. What I would need to do is search for past 24 hours to see if there have been messages with specific keywords in one of the segments. Any clue on how i can do that from another channel using JavaScript reader? Like i have set up separate alerts using ChannelUtil to check every X amount of hours and alert if no messages have been received - but how to do that with specific keywords? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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    I would just do that with a JS reader that does a "return true" and call the mirth API search with an http sender. i.e. /channels/{channelId}/messages.

    You can of course make http calls in a JS reader, there are samples here in the forum. It's just easier to make them in a destnation.
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