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    Hi All,

    Is there any way to limit the amount of results returned when doing a search for a string in a message?


    I'm looking for occurrences/examples of messages with particular string over the full period I have logs for (eg I can't set a date/time range.) and I'm looking to return, say, 10 examples.
    If I just enter the string in the search box, Mirth will search the entirety of its database/events/message table for messages with that string and will return all matching results it finds, albeit paginated to whatever the results per page is set to.

    Is there a way (other than using date/time) to limit the number of results returned like using LIMIT in PSQL or TOP in MSQL, so that Mirth will stop running its db query once the required number of results is returned?

    If not, what is the best way to raise this as a feature request as I think this would could be a significant performance improvement in search queries and prevent large DB queries/related performance issues, especially is a default limit as set for all searches.

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    Other than searching the native tables in mirth’s database, no. You can submit feature requests over at mirth’s GitHub page.
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