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Repeating IN1 Segments

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  • Repeating IN1 Segments

    I need to be able to generate additional IN1 segments when the incoming message has more than one IN1. Iam fairly new at this and im trying to understand how to do it. I know that I will have to use JavaScript to be able to loop through but then I don't know how to do it from there.

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    With HL7 in and out, depending on how similar your inbound and outbound messages are, it's usually easier to not use an outbound template at all, which will then allow you to modify msg directly rather than trying to recreate it in tmp.

    If you still need to add them, try searching the Support sub-forum for adding OBX segments. That's a fairly common requirement, and the method will be the same. You ask more specific questions in that sub-forum as well if you can't find another example that matches close enough what you are trying to do and need additional help. Also try checking the User Guide for information on Iterator transformer steps, which are an alternative to doing the looping in Javascript.