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    Hi all,

    We've created a set of mailing lists to use for Mirth-related discussions:

    mirth-dev: For developer discussions

    mirth-users: For user discussions

    mirth-svn: Repository commit notifications

    Gerald Bortis | Chief Information Officer | Mirth Corporation

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    Re:Mirth Mailing Lists

    Hello Gerald.
    I´M trying to report a issue in the JIRA environment but trying to create a new
    account I only obtain the list of administrators (one of this, is yorself).
    :sick: Forgive me because I know this is not the adecuate channel to report this issue, but I have no other possibility for this.

    The issue is on version 1.8.0 RC2
    if in a channel you change the type of the summary Incoming Data, then in the destination transformer does not change de inbound Message Template type making a inconsistence without solution, only is possible to recreate a new channel from scratch:

    When a channel is create, the destination transformer have then same inbound Message Template type than the summary Incoming Data type and without the possibility of change it (disabled).

    But we can change de summary folder Incoming Data type to something else, but that change does not apply to the type of the destination transformer inbound Message Template type.