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  • Which Product do I Need?

    I'm new to Mirth and am trying to figure out which product/plugin I need to get and how much it will be. I've downloaded the free open source version and found it meets all my needs except for one. I need to be able to connect to a remote FTP server using sFTP to download files with data in them. The free version does not have this in the connector type dropdown of the channel source tab. Which product/plugin do I need to buy to get this and how much is it? I don't need an FTP server just the ability to connect to one.

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    This question belongs in the Support forum, not Development.

    sftp (ssh based) is included in the free version. Choose the 'File Reader' connector type and change the method from 'file' to 'sftp'. user/pass as well as ssh key based authentication are both supported.

    ftps (ftp over ssl) requires a commercial plugin as do most things requiring SSL.