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Integration of Mirth with RabbitMQ

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  • Integration of Mirth with RabbitMQ

    Can anyone help me out to do the integration of mirth with RabbitMQ? Right now I want to send the message through RabbitMQ and want to save the message information into the database using database writer channel.

    As I can see mirth connect in the connection type there is no option of AMQP reader instead of that it has file reader, database reader, DICOM listener etc.

    So how can I use RabbitMQ here? If anyone can provide me configuration details for that. It will be really helpful for me.

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    You'll have to use Spring Boot application that builds RabbitMq topology ( as required, populates the queues with the incoming messages and updates the DB with message details, and EITHER OF THE FOLLOWING:
    1. Write the data to be used by mirth to a file and use the File Reader Source - DB Writer Destination for the transformation.
    2. Send the data to Mirth as a POST request and have it send back the transformed data to the Spring Boot app using HTTP Listener Source - HTTP Sender Destination. The Spring Boot app can then dump it to the DB instead of Mirth as in point 1.

    NOTE: RabbitMQ and DB management is done by the spring boot app, and transformation is done by mirth. Dump the transformed data to DB or send it back to the app which will dump it.