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    Does anyone have a list of the variables available for use in the Error template section of the Alert system? I am using the ${Error} variable but would like to be able to include information from the HL7 message that had the error. Such as message id or information from within one of the segments such as patient ID or Patient name. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate the help.


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    Re:Alert Template Variables


    In the alert template you have the following variables:

    ${channelName}: The name of the channel.
    ${error}: The exception which occurred.
    ${SYSTIME}: The current time.

    You do not have access to data in the channel map at this time. If you would like to create your own alerts and you know when they should be triggered, you can work around it by creating your own error message in a transformer that contains the information. Then, when you want an alert to be send, "throw" the exception and make sure you have an alert configured to watch for that (put a special string or ID in the exception to trigger the alert). For example:

    throw "ERROR-1234: Patient ${patientId} has an error.";
    Then have an alert configured to listen for errors which contain "ERROR-1234". Hope this helps.
    Gerald Bortis | Chief Information Officer | Mirth Corporation