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Found bug in saving code templates/libraries

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  • Found bug in saving code templates/libraries

    Hi everyone. I work at a company dealing that LIS for blood transfusions. We utilize mirth for our integrations between our main system and different technical solutions. The version used is
    Working in mirth we found a possible bug trying to save code templates while multiple people were working in different templates or libraries. When working on a code template it could suddenly give the message:

    "One or more code templates or libraries have been modified since you last refreshed. Do you want to overwrite the change?"

    The thing is that this happen for code templates that only one person was working on, specific to one project. After further investigation, we managed to create the error again in a repetitive manner.

    Here is the syntax on how:
    1. Create Library (L1 and L2)
    2. Create 2 code templates in L1 (L1-ct-1 and L1-ct-2)
    3. Create 2 code templates in L2 (L2-ct-1 and L2-ct-2)
    4. Create a channel with dependency on L1 and L2
    5. Open two sessions with two different users (A and B)
    6. In A:
      Channels->Edit Code Templates
      Click and select, without modification, in order:
    7. In B:
      Remove channel dependency on L1
    8. In A:
      Modify the selected L2-ct-2 and save
      Now we get the message
      "One or more code templates or libraries have been modified since you last refreshed. Do you want to overwrite the change?"
      The channel modification in point 7 touch L1. Only L2 has been modified in point 8.

    This becomes a problem when several people are developing simultaneously. We also found instances where code has gone missing but we are not sure it its connected.
    Does anyone know a solution for this or is it something that we do wrong?

    Best regards

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    Yeah, that normally happens. Sometimes if I have instances open and I make changes in one window, the message comes in another one.
    I personally don't think that is a bug, maybe it is there to prevent simultaneous changes to the code templates because there is no active source control baked in Mirth.
    If you have a team of Developers working on the same library, maybe you want to define a process so that they don't step on each others foot.
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      we had the same issue. After we figured out what was happening, we would just send an email to the development team when we were working on code templates.

      I know a lot of work has been done on the libraries the last few releases. Perhaps this has been addressed in the newer versions?


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