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  • Mirth, FHIR, Android App

    - I've developed an android mobile app. which gave you the ability to register, login, enter you personal information (demographics), enter your blood pressure parameters, hearth rate, and blood glucose.
    In addition to these I considered a page for downloading the prescriptions saying you how many times a day you have to enter some of these observations or all. Moreover, the database of this mobile app is working independently.

    - I want to consider and develop a UI for the doctor, that have the authority over creating patient entity, assign prescriptions to a patient , and validate the observations the patient sent before. (like a web application). Moreover the database of this web app has it's own structure and working independently.

    Now my question is the following:
    - is it possible to use mirth connect FHIR for the case I have mentioned? Can I connect these two independent platform to each other using Mirth connect FHIR?

    - I would appreciate if someone had an experience over this scenario give me a hand to figure out the main schema.